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Archive Team Wretch: 20140104221404

Published 2014

Identifier archiveteam_wretch_20140104221404
Date 2014
Mediatype web
Publicdate 2014-01-04 22:48:19
Addeddate 2014-01-04 22:48:19
Imagecount 2181475
Firstfiledate 20140103043223
Lastfiledate 20140104221427
Scandate 20140103043223
Language English


Reviewer: Richard Pascoe - - January 5, 2014
Subject: Just a mild suggestion
Millions of people search the Internet Archive every month if not every week and its really unhelpful when files are uploaded with no description at all. I know community texts is an all-purpose everyone welcome place but a short description about this project on each individual upload would be helpful.

This is from an external blog:

As some of you (especially Asian users) might know, Wretch and Yahoo Blog, two popular blogging services in Asia, will be shutting down on December 26 (some versions of Yahoo Blog are already closed).

Archive Team is working on archiving them, but we can't make it in time - mostly because of Yahoo blocking/throttling. There is about 38TB of data to save in total. You can help!